FRANK 151: World-Wide Cannabis Activist Group Calling All Cannabis Consumers To Action

Oct 1, 2023


In the world of cannabis activism, few movements have garnered as much attention and sparked as much change as the “Who Are We Hurting?” movement. Originating in Australia, this grassroots effort has since evolved into a global force, challenging outdated cannabis laws, advocating for reform, and promoting sensible regulations. Let’s take a closer look at the movement’s journey and its significant milestones.

Meet the Activists: Alec ‘Craze’ Zammitt and Will Stolk

At the forefront of the “Who Are We Hurting?” movement stand passionate and dedicated activists Alec ‘Craze’ Zammitt and Will Stolk. Their unwavering commitment to cannabis reform, social justice, and informed policy has been instrumental in the movement’s success. Zammitt and Stolk’s tireless advocacy efforts, both in Australia and on the international stage, continue to drive change and inspire others to join the cause.

The Projection Protest at Sydney Opera House

One of the defining moments in the movement’s history was the daring projection protest at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Activists from “Who Are We Hurting?” used the iconic landmarks to shine a spotlight on the need for cannabis reform. The stunt garnered widespread attention and set the stage for the movement’s future endeavors.

Advocacy Against THC Bans for Drivers

As the movement gained momentum, it turned its attention to another critical issue — the impact of THC bans on drivers. “Who Are We Hurting?” activists voiced their concerns and highlighted the need for science-based regulations that distinguish between impairment and the mere presence of THC metabolites in a driver’s system.

Alec Zammitt spoke at this protest saying, “This visual statement aims to highlight the need for a new approach to drug-driving policy, one that prioritizes harm reduction and treatment over punishment and incarceration.”

Protests Against the Failures of the War on Drugs

The movement didn’t stop at cannabis; it expanded its scope to address the broader failures of the war on drugs in Australia. Activists from “Who Are We Hurting?” joined forces with like-minded individuals and organizations to launch powerful protests, demanding a more compassionate and evidence-based approach to drug policy.

The Legal Battle and Beyond

As the movement continued to push for change, its leaders, such as Zammitt and Stolk, found themselves in the courtroom. Their day in court became a symbol of the ongoing struggle for cannabis reform. Although they won a battle, the war for sensible cannabis regulations and a more informed society continues.

Will Stolk stated, “We want to publicize the discussion around cannabis in Australia and ask the government, who would be hurt by an amnesty?” He went on to add, “We also want to highlight the fact that the 75-plus year war on drugs hasn’t worked and has cost the taxpayer billions of dollars fighting a war that cannot and will not ever be won.”

The pair released statements via their legal representation. 

Germany Joins the Movement: “Cannabis Liberation: Ninjas’ Worldwide Operation”

The movement’s impact transcended borders recently, with a stunt in Germany paying homage to the Australian-based group by recreating one of their previous iconic stunts. Embracing the same creative approach, activists took to Berlin streets with 100s of prop cannabis plants in a bid to get the conversation started. This international collaboration highlighted the global nature of the movement, showing that the quest for cannabis reform knows no boundaries.

The success of Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

In the wake of the “Who Are We Hurting?” movement’s efforts, Australia made significant strides in the realm of medicinal cannabis. The country recognized the potential benefits of medical marijuana and took steps to provide access to patients in need. This success story serves as a testament to the movement’s advocacy for science-based policies and compassionate care.

Legalisation of Cannabis in Germany

Germany also witnessed transformative change as it moved towards the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. The “Who Are We Hurting?” movement’s impact resonated in Germany, contributing to a broader conversation about cannabis regulation. The legalization of cannabis in Germany reflects the global shift towards recognizing the potential benefits of cannabis and the need for sensible regulations.

Sustaining the war

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Join the Global Movement

Today, the “Who Are We Hurting?” movement stands as a beacon of hope for cannabis enthusiasts and advocates worldwide. Its journey from a local initiative to an international force serves as a testament to the power of grassroots activism. The movement welcomes individuals and organizations from all corners of the globe to join its network and add their voices to the growing chorus demanding change.

As the “Who Are We Hurting?” movement continues to evolve and expand its influence, it remains steadfast in its commitment to cannabis reform, social justice, and a world where outdated laws no longer harm individuals and communities. “Join the movement, and together, we can make a difference.” Alec & Will invite other activists and organizations to join the movement, they can be contacted via their socials @thecrazeco, @crazeske & @willysworld69