Frank 151 X Henrik Harlaut by Will Stolk

Oct 10, 2023

This year marks the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and the 25th anniversary of modern-day free skiing, both heavily inspired by each other, coming together in a serendipitous way.

Henrik Harlaut, a 13-time X-Games medalist, freeskiing icon, and all-around skiing extraordinaire, has been at the forefront of freeskiing since he was 14 years old. He was wide-eyed and inspired by modern-day freeskiing pioneers such as his hometown hero, Jon Olsson from Are, Sweden, the weed-smoking duo of Mik Deschenaux and Tanner Hall, and the Rastafarian vibes of the Goat of Freeskiing, the internet sensation Candide Thovex. Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, and moving to Are, Sweden, at the age of 11, this local park rat has achieved success in the sport by following his unique path.

Henrik Harlaut is one of the most iconic and talented riders of his time, always surprising with future spins and style.

Fast forward to today, Henrik Harlaut is about to release his next adrenaline-packed skiing film on none other than Benny the Butcher’s YouTube channel. This unexpected union of action sports and hip-hop culture promises to deliver an urban symphony of style and grace. Harlaut’s iconic style on the slopes perfectly syncs with Benny the Butcher’s gritty music, making this collaboration a certified sensation and the first of its kind.

Get ready for an epic reflection on hip-hop music and city streets as Henrik Harlaut combines his blend of skills and swagger.

Benny The Butcher, alongside his Griselda comrades Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine, has made a massive impact over the years on Henrik. After the 2020 X Games Knuckle Huck, when Henrik Harlaut debuted a trick he coined as the ‘Griselda Flip,’ essentially a nose-butter 180 switch front flip, at the inaugural Ski Knuckle Huck competition, he won his 8th X Games gold medal. This trick went viral, amassing millions of views on various social media outlets and TV screens worldwide. The world loved that Henrik dropped this trick with his signature oversized gear, backward goggles, a Wu-Tang reference, and the classic drum roll celebration that he is infamous for. There’s nobody like Henrik Harlaut, and there never will be again. Benny and Henrik are now linked in the history books, cementing their connection.

This led to the pair meeting, and a bond was formed, resulting in Henrik’s new movie, ‘Brushino,’ being released on Benny The Butcher’s YouTube channel.

“I put my heart and soul into this video and give it to Benny as a gift to show my gratitude and appreciation for his music and everything he has done for my career,” Henrik said about Benny.

This first-of-its-kind collaboration will bring Benny’s traditional hip-hop YouTube audience into Henrik and Noah Albaladejo’s world. The Andorran assassin, often imitated but never replicated, brings a singular flavor and effortless style to everything he does on skis. Noah has filmed with Henrik throughout the last season on their winter mission to slide, bonk, and jib every large handrail, wall ride, and redirect in sight.

The global release will take place on Benny’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, October 10th.