Give and Toke: Cannabis Conversations: Who Are We Hurting? w/ Will Stolk (Cannabis Activist)

Aug 10, 2023

Will Stolk is fast becoming one of Australia’s most prolific cannabis activists, responsible for stunts including projecting pro-cannabis messages on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, leading to his arrest. He was also behind this year's war-themed 420 protest, taking army tanks through downtown Sydney to mock the failed war on drugs - challenging discriminatory drug driving laws.
He is the host of the Willy’s World Podcast, he is an ex- professional skier, his Dad made Mexican restaurants a thing in Australia and his Mum’s cousin was in AC/DC. He’s recovered from a broken back - twice, and Maxim, Yahoo and High Times have labeled him one of Australia’s Kings of Cannabis.


In this episode we discuss
Cannabis activism origins (2.00)
Skiing and stoner culture (7.00)
420 publicity stunts (10.40)
Grassroots activism (18.45)
Responsible activism (21.30)
Famous Williams Quiz (27.10)
Cannabis business in the US and EU (29.00)
Legalisation in Australia (35.00)
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