MAXIM MAGAZINE- Cannabis Crusaders: Will Stolk & Alec Zammitt

May 5, 2024

For nearly a decade, weed warriors WILL STOLK and ALEC ZAMMITT have been at the forefront of cannabis reform in Australia. From spearheading innovative campaigns to cheeky pot stunts, we take a look at their fight to legalise marijuana Down Under…

April 20 has been hailed as the High Holiday by cannabis culture, with individuals from around the world lighting up their joints, eating their brownies and participating in the most amount of weed smoking that happens every year. The term “4/20” as a symbol of cannabis culture originated in the 1970s with a group of high school students in Marin County, California, known as the “Waldos”. They made a code to meet at 4:20pm to smoke and go out on a quest to hunt for a patch of cannabis that was planted by a member of the Coast Guard, who thought it was too risky to harvest.
Eventually, this became a code they would use to talk about smoking or anything cannabis related. The phrase exploded in popularity through the Grateful Dead community in the late 1980s and early 1990s, evolving from a time of day to a date – April 20 marked globally by gatherings and events. The evolution of 4/20 has been from one of pure consumption to a day to call for change to the legislation and perception of cannabis.


Stolk and ZammitT’s journey

In the realm of cannabis activism in Australia, two names stand out for their unyielding commitment and innovative approaches – Will Stolk and Alec Zammitt. Stolk, originally a professional skier, and Zammitt, a graffiti artist, found common ground in their passion for cannabis reform. Their journey began individually, with Stolk’s ski career and Zammitt’s artistry inadvertently setting the stage for their future activism. Their paths came together as they recognised the need for a dramatic shift in the public and political perception of cannabis in Australia. Together, they embarked on a series of high-profile stunts to challenge the status quo and spark a national conversation about cannabis legalisation, even putting their freedom on the line in the process.