FRIENDLY AUSSIE BUDS: Who Are We Hurting? Collective Throws Support Behind Parliamentary Petitions for THC Exemptions in Random Drug Testing Laws.

Jan 10, 2024

NSW, QLD & VIC — The Who Are We Hurting? Collective is thrilled to announce its active support for Parliamentary petitions launched in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, advocating for amendments to Random Drug Testing (RDT) laws to provide exemptions for THC prescribed by a doctor.

The Collective is actively championing the cause by endorsing parliamentary petitions in three key Australian states:

  • New South Wales (NSW): Has already exceeded 10,000 signatures

  • Victoria (VIC):

  • Queensland (QLD):

Petition Link: QLD Petition | Closed on 26/12/23 with 12,378 Total Signatures

“Having recently been affected by these unfair laws, I have now lost my licence for 3 months, which hinders my ability to get to and from my medical appointments at the hospital. I can only imagine the impacts of these laws on numerous people. This needs to be amended. Cannabis has helped me throughout my cancer journey, giving me a higher quality of life.” Said Miguel Martin from Who Are We Hurting?

The current RDT laws lack nuance, resulting in severe consequences for tens of thousands of medical cannabis patients who responsibly use legally prescribed medications. When unimpaired, these patients are fully capable of driving safely, yet the existing legislation fails to accommodate their medical needs adequately.

Earlier this year, the Who Are We Hurting? Collective conducted a successful crowd-funded “end evidence-free RDT billboard campaign,” aiming to address the disparities between medicinal cannabis and other prescription medications. This campaign underscores the urgent need for improved accuracy in drug testing procedures while shedding light on the lack of empirical evidence supporting safety claims associated with current legislation.

“We believe in a fair and evidence-based approach to drug testing laws, ensuring that patients who rely on medical cannabis can maintain their freedom and mobility without facing unjust penalties,” said Alec Zammitt, spokesperson for the Who Are We Hurting? Collective.

These petitions emphasise the urgent need for reform in RDT laws to align with the medical needs and rights of cannabis patients. The Who Are We Hurting? Collective encourages citizens, advocates, and allies to actively support these initiatives.

“In the pursuit of compassionate progress, let us rewrite the narrative of drug-driving laws in Australia, recognising that behind every medicinal cannabis patient is a story of resilience, hope, and healing. It is time to pave the way for a future where outdated regulations do not hinder the road to relief but are instead guided by empathy, understanding, and the acknowledgment that medicinal cannabis is a beacon of light on the path to wellness.” Said William Stolk 

All 3 of the above-mentioned Who Are We Hurting? Advocates have been affected by these laws; all three have had different incidents and have suffered from these harsh drug-driving laws. 

Alec Zammitt received a no conviction for driving while under the influence of medicinal cannabis; this led to the revocation of a master security licence, which forced him to close his private security firm, and over 10 employees were then made redundant. 

Will Stolk is currently fighting drug driving charges; he will face a criminal conviction, which will potentially make him ineligible to enter the USA, where he currently owns several cannabis businesses, potentially greatly affecting his ability to make an honest living.  

Miguel Martin is a cancer survivor and medical patient who is currently a film director and producer who relies on his ability to drive to make a living and attend medical appointments. Medicinal cannabis helped in his recovery from terminal illness. These unjust laws affect thousands of day-to-day Australians. 

For those residing outside NSW, VIC, and QLD, the Legalise Cannabis Party has provided a general petition link: Petition for Other States or Territories.

Join the Who Are We Hurting? Collective in the fight for fair and evidence-based drug testing laws, safeguarding the rights and mobility of medical cannabis patients.